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Top 10 Green Christmas Gifts - Under $100

Top 10 Green Christmas Gifts - Under $100

Every year we stress about what gifts to get our little ones. If you're a "green" minded momma you know how hard it is to find toys that don't blink or scream or sing (very loudly) for your little ones. What happened to good old wooden toys, soft blankies or clothes? We've compiled a great list of all of the Holiday essentials that your little one might enjoy this Christmas season! Ok so here is the countdown!Top 10 Green Christmas Gifts Under $100

#1 Winter Water Factory - Winter Forest Hoodie

We CANNOT get enough of this festive, yet whimsical organic cotton hoodie. This is perfect for the holiday season, just reminiscent of Christmas but not full on Santa! We absolutely love this on little boys who have been good all year!

#2 Maple Landmark North Pole Village Railway Set

This is a must if you have little toddlers in the "Thomas the Train" stage. A perfect made in the USA wooden railway that feautres Santa's Workshop and little trains with your favorite Christmas figurines such as elves, Santa, Mrs. Claus and reindeer! And yes, these tracks are compatible with other wooden railway sets!

#3 Blueberry Simplex Frosty AIO Diaper

Who doesn't need a Christmas diaper? The Blueberry diaper is adorable with little snowmen with different color scarves, no pants needed. You're welcome.

#4 Judanzy Crochet Elf Hat

This is just perfect for any age! Especially for those little baby photo sessions...I melt. It's like holiday magic, goes up to 12 months though for your little toddler elf.

#5 Modern Burlap Tree Hugger Swaddle

If you say the word "cool" I immediatly think "Modern Burlap". These amazingly soft swaddling blankets go with ANYTHING in baby's closet and helps with their visual development. (That's why they are black and white!)

#6 Maple Landmark's Build-Your-Own Name Trains

Customize your little one's Christmas gift by using name trains! Spell out words like "Noel", or "Christmas Time", what a perfect little gift for your little one!

#7 Winter Water Factory Organic Polar Bear Jumpsuit

Polar Bears must be a recurring theme this year because a ton of baby gifts with these adorable fuzzy bears! We absolutely love this French Terry Jumpsuit, super soft and organic, it's perfect for Christmas night!

#8 Lenny Lamb Winter Dream Baby Doll Carrier

Snowflakes and rainbows? Amazing. What a great gift for a little one who loves to babywear! Just like mommy's this Lenny Lamb Winter Dream carrier is made out of the same woven wrap material as the adult version!

#9 JuDanzy Noel Gift Set

Part of the joy of being a parent is being able to dress up your kids for the holidays. The JuDanzy Noel Gift set comes with everything you need to spruce up your little one in a boxed set. Only, $20 this is a great gift for any little Christmas lover!

#10 Tegu Magnetic Block Skyhook Toy

If you haven't heard of these fun magnetic blocks you're definitely missing out. Tegu is a fun toy that build on itself with hidden magnets! Made out of color wood blocks, the Tegu Skyhook set also has spinners and a rope so your toddler can make a helicopter out of their wooden set!

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December 04, 2015 — Vanessa Tomchik