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Goodbye Teething...Hello Sleep!!!!

Goodbye Teething...Hello Sleep!!!!

Baby Teething

If you haven't slept in a few nights because of teething pain you NEED to read this!  Teething is one of the most challenging and painful times is a baby's young life and there is nothing worst for a mama than to see her baby in pain.  Teething can start at a very, very young age.  My little boy had his two front teeth at four months!  Excessive drooling, irritability, gumming objects including hands and fingers are all signs that your baby might be in the thick of it when it comes to teething.  We have compiled a list of everything you'll need to combat teething, soothe baby and have a good night's rest!

#1  Hosie Naturals Teething Cheek Balm
The Hosie Naturals Teething cheek balm is a miracle worker!  It calms fussy babies and helps them settle down at night or for a nap!  Made with Arnica and Clove oil, this teething balm does not need to be ingested (which is my favorite part!).  Rub it on baby's cheeks just on top of where the teeth are coming out and voila!

#2 Baltic Amber Necklace
Baltic Amber has been used for ages to soothe minor pains, aches, and discomfort.  Best of all, it works wonders on teething babies!  Though we do not recommend wearing an Amber necklace around the neck to sleep, you can safely wrap one around baby's ankle and place a sock or footed pj's over the necklace so baby still gets the benefits of the amber but is not wearing something around their neck during sleep time.

#3 Teething Necklaces
I can't say enough about teething necklaces.  Babies love them...alot.  We love Little Teethers and Chewbeads which are made with FDA food grade silicone so it's gentle on baby's gum and emerging teeth so no worries about their poor little inflamed gums there!

Combine these three ingredients and bam!  You'll be sleeping in no time...(You can thank me later!).

March 25, 2016 — Vanessa Tomchik