If you're a mom that hasn't heard about WIPOUCH then you're probably living under a rock.  Yes I said that.  This is the coolest baby accessory to come along in a long time!  These little pouches are gorgeous and they hold wipes as well as make-up removers.  What's really special about WIPOUCH is that the design.  Beautiful prints like Donuts, Arrows, Monochrome Hearts, Stripes and Bears are stunning.  For this release, WIPOUCH came out with the Pink Paradise Print which features a great flamingo print!  So adorable.  Check this out:

WIPOUCH Pink Paradise

This is the Pink Paradise Essential set which includes on small WIPOUCH (holds 30 wipes) and one large WIPOUCH (holds 60 wipes).  This is by far our most popular selling item this season.  I like to keep the small one for myself and for travel.  Mommy needs to carry her makeup remover wipes in style!  Which one is your favorite?







When will this be available for purchase? It is so cute!

Oct 27, 2017

Melanie :

I just missed your last release when will you have more of these back in stock?

Oct 24, 2017

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