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Spray Pal Splatter Shield

Spray Pal Image

The **New and Improved** Spray Pal is a great must have item for the cloth diapering parent. If you are tired of cleaning up messes that spraying cloth diapers leave behind, this is exactly what you need! The Spray Pal makes cleaning up cloth diapers very easy by containing the splash back caused by many diaper sprayers.

The New Spray Pal features a stronger, wider clip that helps keep diaper open better during spraying as well was holding thicker AIOs, fitteds and night time diapers.

Why we love Spray Pal

  • Patent pending design allows parents to use the diaper sprayer at high pressure without splattering the mess everywhere
  • New wider, stronger for easier diaper spraying
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect complement to a complete cloth diapering package
  • Very easy to clean and store
  • Lasts through multiple babies