Hip Peas Hair Care
Hip Peas Hair Care Hip Peas Hair Care Hip Peas Hair Care Hip Peas Hair Care Hip Peas Hair Care Hip Peas Hair Care
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Hip Peas Hair Care

Cradle Cap Care

Finally a cradle cap solution that really works!  The Hip Peas Cradle Care helps treat cradle cap naturally.  Simply apply a small amount of this soothing oil to your baby's scalp and massage – adheres to flakes for gentle removal with a soft brush, moisturizing as it clears cradle cap.

Curl Tamer

Go from wild curls to wild about curls with Hip Peas Curl Tamer! Makes the most of your little one’s assets – moisturizes, enhances, and defines waves and curls without weight. Also detangles, tames frizz, and eliminates static while preventing breakage. Leaves curls silky and soft!

Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

This is it: A one-act cleanser for bath time that pleases protective parents, with added "wow" power for fun-loving kiddos! Using gentle, natural botanicals, Hip Peas Shampoo & Body Wash soothes and moisturizes skin and leaves hair soft and shiny. And while there’s no room here for artificial fragrances and colors, kids dig the signature scent of our calming natural blueberry extract.


Your sweet pea deserves smooth locks as much as you do – but traditional conditioners can weigh down baby fine hair. Enter Hip Peas Hair Conditioner. This wonder in a bottle moisturizes, nourishes, and soothes with a lightweight, clean-rinsing formula that perfectly conditions kid tresses without that heavy feeling. Infused with natural botanicals, it detangles and protects as it leaves hair soft and shiny

Wooden Baby Brush

Say bye-bye to bedhead, baby! Hip Peas Wooden Baby Brush gently grooms your precious tot’s locks and helps tame fine baby flyaways. Our eco-friendly brush is designed for baby’s comfort and will leave that sweet little head healthy with silky, shiny tresses. Natural wooden handle and cruelty-free bristles are safe and gentle for even the littlest sweet pea!

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