Kinderpack - Enchanted Rose
Kinderpack - Enchanted Rose Kinderpack - Enchanted Rose
$ 189.00



The Kinderpack is a very popular carrier for moms and babies!  Perfectly sized and great for babies of all ages, Kinderpack is great for everyone!

Kinderpack Sizing:

Kinderpacks are available come in 4 sizes:

  • Infant is suitable for up to 2 yrs: 8-35 lbs/ 22″
  • Standard is suitable for 8 mos-3yrs/ 20lbs-40 lbs/ 30″
  • Toddler is suitable for 18 mos-4 yrs/ 25 lbs-45lbs/ 32″ and up
  • Preschool is suitable for 3-5yrs/ 35lbs-55lbs/ 38″ and up
*All weights are suggested weights and may vary depending on each child. Suggested weights are based on appropriate proportions for the body panel size. Each Kinderpack can safely hold higher weight limits than what is suggested, but comfort may be compromised. Don't be lured by other carriers reporting higher weight limits with smaller body panel sizes. Weight limit is not the same as suggested weight.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave