• Lillebaby - Disney Pixar - Incredibles 2 - Airflow Carrier
  • Lillebaby - Disney Pixar - Incredibles 2 - Airflow Carrier
  • Lillebaby - Disney Pixar - Incredibles 2 - Airflow Carrier

Lillebaby - Disney Pixar - Incredibles 2 - Airflow Carrier

Lillebaby Carrier

The Lillebaby Airflow

The Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Limited Edition Airflow is a beautiful carrier that is functional and reflects your love for Disney!

Why We Love The Lillebaby Airflow:

• 6 Carry Positions - all the carrying positions in one.
• Ergonomic Face forward option.
• Lumbar Support for mom keeps back massaged (like a hug for your back!)
• Neck Support – understand the difference.
• Actual weight range: 7*-45 lb
• Adjustable Wide-seat/Narrow-seat combo makes it easy to wear younger babies and toddlers
• Hood, padded buckles included
• Ergonomic for baby: Adjustable seat ensures a natural seat adjusted to every age and stage
• Comfortable for you: Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders.
• Wide shoulder pads, comfort waist band
• Extra long, multi-function shoulder straps can cross in the back or be worn “backpack style” - accommodate babywearers from 5’ to 6’ 6”

Lillebaby Adjusts to Baby's Size:

According to experts (1) it is important to choose products that adjust to baby’s size. The líllébaby® COMPLETETM seat adjusts to facilitate a natural frog-leg position for infants and provide the right support as your baby grows. You can also carry your baby in a fetal position during the first few months. The unique patent pending seat design adjusts to baby’s size and allows for ergonomic spread-leg support in every carrying position, including the forward-facing position. With every carrying position available, you can choose the position that is right for your baby’s age and size.


The líllébaby® COMPLETE™ baby carrier was designed with baby’s healthy hip development in mind. Its features are recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute and specialists, including adjusting to baby’s size(1) and allowing baby’s feet to spread naturally apart in a frog-leg position(2) in every carrying position.


(1) “..important to assess the size of the baby and match the device and carrier to the size of the child so that the hips can be in a healthy position during transport.” - Hip Dysplasia Institute

(2) “The healthiest position for the hips is for the hips to fall or spread (naturally) apart to the side” - Hip Dysplasia Institute


• Machine washable
• Constructed to last with premium materials and multiple adjustments to insure correct fit, safety and comfort
• Designed in the USA
• Meet or exceeds safety standards


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