• Pragma Jade Woven Wrap - Medium (4.7m)
  • Pragma Jade Woven Wrap - Medium (4.7m)
  • Pragma Jade Woven Wrap - Medium (4.7m)

Pragma Jade Woven Wrap - Medium (4.7m)

$ 99.00

Tekhni Hip Sack

Pragma Jade, size M (4.7m)
100% cotton
weight approx 270gsm

Pragma is a brand new design to our line of budget-friendly wraps. These introductory wraps are geared towards new wrappers-- offering four different sizes all at one great price. This piece is medium-bodied, soft, and supportive with excellent moldability. Ready to wrap and snuggle after just one wash and dry, it is easy use and easy care. Babywearing for everyone-- everyday, every budget.

Pragma is built as a learning wrap, created with both visual and tactile markers to help with wrapping, tightening and adjusting. Different colored rails, along with orange hem thread and a flipped rail all assist in teaching pass and rail placement. In addition, Pragma contains color blocks along the width, creating a visual indicator for strand-by-strand tightening.

The Jade colorway is a natural cotton warp with a mint-hued cotton weft. An eye catching color block of alternating cream and mint horizontal wide stripes are complemented by thin diagonal ones, creating a stunning visual effect when wrapped.

Product care:
Tekhni woven wraps are easy to care for and are created for all-day use.

Please note, all of our wraps are cut longer than actual size to allow for shrinkage in the first washing.

Tekhni wraps arrive to you in loomstate, and will need a wash to be ready for use. For cotton wraps, an initial wash in warm water with low spin is recommended with subsequent washes on a gentle cycle with cool water. Use of natural detergents without any optical brighteners will also help keep colors from fading. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, as these can break down the fibers.

Wraps should be tumble dried on low, followed with a warm steam iron to reduce wrinkling and soften up after a washing.

Our wraps are made to withstand the rigors of everyday life-- however please treat with care to extend the life of the fabric.

Babywearing safety:
Do not carry your baby if you feel uncomfortable doing so for any reason. Your child's safety is your responsibility, and is the most important thing to consider. Tekhni is not liable for any accidents that take place as the result of misuse of our products. Please always use common sense when wrapping with your baby.