Taylor's Muffin Mist Spray - COMING SOON! - GreenPath Baby
$ 8.99

Taylor's Muffin Mist Spray is great for keeping everything down there sweet and fresh!  This great herbal spritz will you fresh, moisturized and balanced, keeping dryness, irritation and owies away.  Great for every day use and especially handy during your monthly cycle!  Taylor's Muffin Mist is the perfect after shave/wax spray!  Perfect for post partum owies and soreness. Also great to freshen up all your personal accessories: Panties, Pads, Linens & more!  Keep everything down there smelling sweet!

Why We Love Taylor's Muffin Mist Spray:

  • Makes a great Baby Shower Gift to someone you love
  • Washes, Freshens, and balances
  • Great for use with cloth pads
  • Gentle and safe for all places!
  • Stored in a GLASS jar (Most eco-friendly AND Health Safe Container)
  • Organic & Natural
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free


Spray as needed to keep your sacredness fresh and feeling good! The perfect after shave/wax spray! Use on Lingerie, Panties, Bras, Linens as well! 


Aloe vera juice, NON-alcohol witch hazel, extra virgin olive oil, calendula, chamomile & comfrey, chickweed, and (when scent is chosen) lavender or ylang ylang pure essential oil (safe for pregnancy & nursing Mamas), grapefruitseed extract.