• Thirsties  - Duo Hemp Prefold - Size 2

Thirsties - Duo Hemp Prefold - Size 2

$ 8.00

Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are made from soft custom hemp jersey knitted (55% hemp, 45% organic cotton).  Each one has 2 layers in each panel provide 12 thirsty layers of hemp cotton when trifolded.  They are super soft like your favorite tee shirt.  Thirsties Hemp Prefold are 25% more absorbent and much more durable than pure cotton. Pairs perfectly with Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers!

Size Before Washing After Washing
One 13.5h x 15w 13h x 12.5w
Two 16.5h x 16.5w 16h x 14w


Why We Love Thirsties Natural AIO:

  • Size Two fits from 18-40 lbs.
  • Trim fit on baby.
  • Convenient and trim.
  • Pairs with any cover.
  • Adorable prints and beautiful colors.
  • Made in USA.

Before Use: Thirsties Hemp products need to be washed and dried at least three times before use to rid the fibers of the natural oils. This is done separately from your other diapering products for the first 3 washes. Our hemp products will be fully primed and at their maximum absorbency after 8 wash cycles.